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We currently have 2 separate and unique support groups.

  First is our Parents & Professionals group

designed to provide a friendly and open forum where polite discussions related to autism can take placebetween parents, educators, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech & language pathologists, paraprofessionals, school staff, human services, healthcare agencies, caregivers and other professionalsthroughout the state of Vermont who currently work with or have worked in the past with thosewith Autism Spectrum Disorder.  We ask that all information posted to this group or sent to you via yourprivate email carrier be kept confidential and we request that members do not save, copy, past, forward, print or inany other way share this information with anyone outside of this message board.Those unable to adhere to these policies will be removed without notice.

Second is our Parents Only group,

strictly for parents of children/adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We encourage parents to join both groups, as the Parent Only group is just that, for parents only, and weshare information on various topics with each other, as parents, and look for input from other parents. The Parent Only group is also where RSVP's and Polls are located for upcoming Events and Get-Togethers and we ask that you RSVP via the Parent Only online group.  We think it is also important for parentsto join in on conversations in our Parents & Professionals Group where professionals may be able to respondto a specific questin or situtation posted by a parent.  All information on this message board is confidential as well. A member is not allowed to provide consent or permission to forward a post. This applies to all messages files,links, polls and photos. Those who forward or otherwise share info without permission will be removed.


If you would like to join one of our online support groups, please contact Laurie at (802) 985-8773.  If you leave your name, area code and telephone
number she will call you back within 24 hours.


As a 501-C3 non-profit charitable organization, we accept donations from individuals and corporations. In turn, we distribute these funds to families of children and young adults with autism to help them offset the huge expenses they incur on a daily basis in order to get necessities, prescriptions, supplements, and many other items that place a huge financial burden on families. Won’t you please consider making a donation to Autism Support Daily
P. O. Box 4556
Burlington, VT 05406

Thank you!
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1.  Autism Support Daily was the first message board for autism families in Vermont while also hosting a monthly support meeting. That monthly meeting has now included our governor, doctors, educators and anyone who can help share in the need of autism families. Activity is great on this board with many parents uniting and working on legislation, education and health issues. If you can, help support it!!
Comment by Anne Barbano — December 19, 2006

This is a great support organization and I am very proud of my daughter for the work she does in order to help provide financial support for kids with autism. It is a great place make a donation!
Comment by Lynn's Mom December 22, 2006

3. Autism Support Daily has connected me to other parents
of children with Autism. When we first received the diagnosis, my husband and I thought that we were the only ones in the entire state with a child with Autism. Since joining Autism Support Daily, not only do we know that there are other parents like us but other kids like our son. The members of this group have kept us connected, inspired us, educated us and given us hope. Thank you Autism Support Daily and all of its members.
Comment by Milly Jackson — December 22, 2006 

4.  Autism Support Daily is an amzing channel for families in Vermont to connect with others and access valuable information on their child’s diagnoses, symptoms and others experiences etc.. It is without a doubt the most valuable asset to Vermont’s autism community and should be recognized as that. Comment by Melissa Hellyer — December 23, 2006 

5.   Autism Support Daily is the piece of the puzzle that provides support to all families who face the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorder on a daily basis. It’s a place where 24/7, 365 days year,that you can share what’s ever on your mind, knowing that help, encouragement, kindness and understanding is their for you any time you need it. Comment by Laurey Tedeschi — December 24, 2006

6.  Autism Support Daily connected us to many resources and made us feel like part of the community at a time that we felt all alone because of our child’s new diagnosis. The co-founders give so much of themselves to the group to ensure that no parent feels alone. The volunteers of the group go above and beyond to help bring strength to our families, a voice in our state, and assistance to our community.
Thank you Autism Support Daily. We love you all.
Comment by Christina H. — December 24, 2006

7.  Autism Support Daily is an amazing organization-thanks! When my beautiful little boy was diagnosed with Autism, there was no real help available in this State. Autism Support Daily allowed me to connect with other parents and learn what resources DO exist, and how to access them. The other parents are the REAL experts-I have learned so much from them! We have been members for two years now, and truly appreciate the things that ASD does for us! We enjoy attending the family gatherings, the awareness events, the meetings with people who can help our kids (educators, politicians, health care providers, etc.) If you can make a donation to this cause, it truly WILL make a difference. Comment by Laurie Mumley — December 27, 2006

8.  Autism Support Daily has been absolutely amazing. The people are extremely supportive. Since the group is made up of parents who have children with Autism. They really understand the kinds of things we deal with. The group has also been spreading awareness, by doing parades, selling pins, stickers, magnets, getting out and talking to the people. There have also been different booths set up around the area that are run by volunteers from the group. We have learned so much from each other and the group bringing in guest speakers. As a group we have even gone so far as to speak with some of our political leaders. There has been so much done, and we have only scratched the surface. I’m glad to be a member with individuals who care so much. Thank You Comment by Robert Beams — December 29, 2006 

9.  Autism Support Daily has been a great connection for families in Vermont. Vermont did not have a source which provided as much valuable information and support as this group has. Autism Support Daily is making a differance! Thanks so much, Gail Africa Comment by Gail Africa — January 17, 2007

Donations received through your generosity enable us to provide financial assistance, support, guidance, recreational activities and educational trainings to families and friends of children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Located in Burlington and serving Vermont and surrounding states
Autism Support Daily
P.O. Box 4556
Burlington, VT 05406

Telephone: (802) 985-8773

Visitors: 38,611